Take the Mountain Railway to the Top of Snowdon

The Snowdon Mountain Railway started Construction In 1894, at the time one of the most impressive and challenging Victorian feats of engineering, One Hundred and Fifty men blasted their way through solid rock, built handful of bridges and laid five miles of railway track on a one in seven incline to the top of a mountain. For fourteen months the work continued and little did they know that over one hundred years later the little railway on the side of the mountain would still be in use attracting visitors and steam enthusiasts from all over the world with over half a million visitors every year. Of all the small locomotives built in Switzerland that were specially designed to climb steep hills four of the engines are still in use today. There was at the time no other machine capable of climbing mountains and the steam train with the rack and pinion system developed by Dr. Roman Abt proved so reliable that the engines have never been replaced. The team and Snowdon Mountain Railway estimate that No. 2 Engine has travelled almost two million miles up and down the short track to and from the summit of Snowdon and this wonderful workhorse has been carrying people since 1896. There are now, modern (in comparison to steam) Diesel powered trains and you will be asked when booking whether you want Steam or Diesel – Steam is a little more expensive but worth it in so many ways. Today the Snowdon Mountain Railway is steeped in history and is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist attractions in Wales, if not the world. For any steam enthusiast the working engines that never seem to run out of steam are a joy to watch, hear and smell. Likewise, for families with young children, not only is the railway an easy way to reach the top of the mountain, but kids will squeal and giggle will delight as they chuff, chuff, chuff their way to the top. Getting higher and higher and through the clouds the Snowdon Mountain Railway excites children of all ages and sets the imagination on fire. A trip on the Snowdon Mountain Railway is truly a grand day out and the service operates, subject to weather conditions, from Mid-March to the end of October.  A journey time of two and half hours includes half an hour at the summit where a […]

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