Visit Wales during the Year of Legend

2017 is the “Year of Legend” in Wales and at Bryn Bella we are very excited. Here in North Wales we know exactly what is going on, we know why someone should come and visit but perhaps you don’t know. For this reason, we invite you to come and stay with us at Bryn Bella Guest House, explore Snowdonia, Conwy and Gwynedd and be a true legend by visiting one of the most wonderful places on Earth.

2016 was the “the year of adventure” and was tremendously successful, the year of Legend follows on with what will hopefully be another superb year for one and all. So, what is there to see and do during this themed year?

Conwy Castle - Year of Legend

Conwy Castle – Year of Legend

The truth is that there is a lot and here are just a handful of highlights in the Snowdonia, Conwy and Gwynedd and surrounding areas of North Wales each giving an indication why Wales is a land of Legends.

Top of the list of all the events the Year of Legends surely has to offer is one of Medieval Fun in  “The Tournament” in Conwy. If you are a Game of Thrones fan or even if you are not this is the event you will not want to miss. From 23rd to 25th June, 2017 Conwy is proudly hosting a medieval extravaganza that will see historical activities and entertainment come to life. With knights in armour jousting, sword fighting, archery and a full medieval market with street entertainment plus a traditional banquet this is an event for the whole family to enjoy and one that will not easily be forgotten.

The tournament is expected to see 10,000 people a day visit Conwy and is surely a highlight in the world calendar not just for Wales. But if you are not totally worn out by all the jousting and joviality why not head out and go underground and see what legends North Wales hides beneath the beauty of the hills and mountains.

For hundreds, if not thousands of years, North Wales has been well known for mining everything from Gold, copper, slate and coal and this means Wales has as many attractions underground as it does above. For those with a sense of adventure or kids with unstoppable levels of curiosity the Sygun Copper Mine is an award-winning day out the whole family will enjoy. The underground chambers with their jaw dropping stalactite and stalagmite formations that are reached through twisty, turny tunnels makes this one of the best underground days out in the whole of Wales.

Why not pan for gold or use a metal detector to hunt for old coins?  Fancy some archery or just a walk in the spectacular countryside?  Sygun Copper Mine has it all, no wonder it won the Prince of Wales Award for Tourism.

Caernarfon Castle - Year of Legend -

Caernarfon Castle – Year of Legend

Once you have made your fortune panning for gold and dug up your hidden treasure you need to retreat to a castle. All Legends have a castle and year of legends has many. One of the best and most well known is Caernarfon (Carnarvon) Castle in Gwynedd. Since the 11th Century, some form of castle has sat at the heart of Caernarfon offer sanctuary and safety to the local citizens. Much of the stone structure that today stands representing the might of the Welsh began its construction in 1283 and the stories contain within the walls will enthral each and every visitor.

For anyone who loves castles, dreams about being a prince, princess or ruling as a king Caernarfon is the epitome of castles. The castle is world famous and a true legend among tourist attractions, a perfect day out for a family with young children.

The castle hosts regular events and STAMP:Castell02 is one not to be missed. This amazing weekend art exhibition brings various forms of art together in what is perhaps the most unique location. From 12th to 14th May STAMP:Castell02  gives visitors a chance to enjoy art and the castle together. The event happens to coincide with the Caernarfon Food Festival allowing creating an unusual chance to enjoy great works of art with first class culinary delights. Or how about the Legend of King Arthur? Join in the fun and games, listen to the stories of Arthurian valour and romances or simply take part in the hunt for the Caernarfon Grail.

Legends is the stuff the Wales is made of and after a day out exploring, dreaming and perhaps even coming close to being a legend there is no better place to put your feet up and get a good night’s rest than Bryn-Bella Guest House. Bryn-Bella welcomes anyone and everyone to come and explore the land of Legends, a place of rich history, natural beauty and friendly people. We look forward to seeing you and welcoming you to Wales – Year of Legends.

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